How to upgrade wicker furniture?
Lightly "battered" wicker furniture can be easily updated. To do this, apply a thin layer of linseed oil to all surfaces. Wait for the linseed oil to be well absorbed, and fix the effect with a colorless varnish. Furniture will be like new.
If the vine has yellowed over time, and you have ceased to like its shade, you can clean the weaving with a brush dipped in salt solution.
If you want to bring the furniture a darker shade, use the stain. Before this, go through the wicker parts fine sandpaper, vacuum thoroughly remove dust and you can apply stain. When the furniture is completely dry, in addition it can be treated with colorless varnish.
If wicker furniture has lost its shape, then with a slight deformation this can be corrected. Lightly wet the piece of furniture, then give it the desired shape and dry.
To give the furniture a beautiful even shine, wipe it with a napkin dipped in lemon oil.
If your furniture creaks when used, it means that it has dried up. Do not worry, cover it with a slightly moistened towel or sheet. In the future, maintain a sufficient percentage of moisture in the air.