How to still remove stains and restore the original look of wicker furniture?
Eliminate mold from wicker furniture
Being in a damp room, furniture made from natural materials may suffer from mold fungus. To combat it, use a weak solution of bleach. Treat them to the source of infection, grabbing a few more centimeters around. After twenty to thirty minutes, rinse off the chlorine solution. When the product is completely dry, coat the affected area with a thin layer of furniture lacquer.
We remove grease stains

Sprinkle greasy stains with talcum powder, wait until it absorbs oily substances, and remove talc with a soft cloth. If necessary, repeat the process several times.
Remove cracks
If as a result of improper use on the furniture cracks appear, treat them with bee wax or special furniture wax. The cracks will be less noticeable, and the furniture will acquire a beautiful sheen.
Eliminate traces of hot objects
Stains and whitish marks from hot items on furniture will disappear if a mixture of alcohol and vegetable oil is intensively rubbed into the damaged area. These components are taken in one-to-one proportions, applied to a cotton pad or soft cloth and rubbed in a circular motion into the stain until it disappears completely.